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Common aerial problems with DSTV satellite dish

Are you having aerial problems with your Satellite or DSTV aerial making the image low quality ot not receiving signal at all?

DSTV signal can fluctuate according to the weather causing aerial problems eg a storm, especially an electrical storm. If you are experiencing problems after the storm, the electric points are in good working order, then contact us for aerial assistance.

Obstructions to good satellite or DSTV signal  in Johannesburg

  • Alignment and direction of the satellite dish: Heavy winds can cause satellite dishes to slip 
  • Age of the satellite dish – if bolts and fixtures are broken the dish can move out of alignment. This can happen over a period of time and not necessarily instantaneously

Condition of the satellite dish can influence aerial problems with DTSV satellite dishes:

  • Age of the dish and cables
  • Wild life - Bird nests where dishes needed realignment, ant nests where ants destroy any cables

Please do not attempt to do realignment of a satellite dish, rather call a professional who can save you time and money and fix your problem safely.

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