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Vandal-Proofing Your CCTV Security Cameras

Here are some tips to help vandal proof your CCTV security cameras for homes and business in Johannesburg. CCTV security cameras are designed to keep your home and business as safe and secure as possible, this means they are set up in positions that offer the best field of view. But this can leave security cameras easy to spot, and vulnerable. As CCTV installation professionals we are often asked a question, ‘how do I make my security cameras vandal proof?

Vandal-Proofing Your Security Cameras #1 - Camera Elevation

One of the easiest ways to keep your security cameras a little safer is to place them high up, where vandal proofing your security cameras would be very difficult. Raise your security camera high enough to a point where it will mostly escape the attention of any person entering a property. This rule will mainly apply to outdoor cameras though, unless you have a very high ceiling. Do not install it so high that maintenance is impossible, however, make sure that the cameras are installed at a height which can be reached with a step stool or a ladder. It is better to connect the camera to a recording system, that storing the video image on a  video card - in case it does get destroyed.

Vandal-Proofing Your Security Cameras #2 - Monitor Your Security Feed.

This is probably the best way to vandal proof your security cameras. Criminals are less likely to damage your property, if they know they are being actively monitored. If the organization is large and is being monitored by a number of cameras, then it is better to hand over the duty to watch those cameras to a third party. Otherwise, consider a camera system with Video Analytics - these systems will be sure to pick, up any vandalism before it happens and trigger an alarm.

Vandal-Proofing Your Security Cameras #3 - Use Vandal Proof Housing.

The market has great rugges housings that will secure your cameras from vandalism and opposing weather conditions, and these housings will not obstruct the view, as they are built from durable plastic or steel cages with gaps in it. Many are sledgehammer proof, so if you have your cameras up high as well criminals are going to find it near impossible to break your cameras.

Vandal-Proofing Your Security Cameras #4 - Hide Your Wiring

Criminals who want to get into your home or business will first want to cut the wires to your cameras before they tamper with the rest of the system. If your wiring is out in the open you have given them the perfect way to quickly and easily work their chaos. Always make sure that the cables are always embedded in the wall or ceiling in a secured way away from the mischief creators.

Whether you are obtaining a home or business security system, it is always a good idea to implement these methods while having your cameras installed. We have years of industry experience with CCTV systems and are here to assist you.