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DSTV Installation Services

Accredited DSTV installation services that we offer are vast and highly specialised. DSTV accredited installers covering Johannesburg, Sandton, Bryanston, Tembisa, Midrand, Steyn City and the surrounds. Whatever it is that you may require, from a new DSTV installation, to a large communal DSTV installation, we have the skilled services. TV and Aerial DSTV Services are kept up to date with all the technological changes, and DSTV advances, and we are always one step ahead of our competitors in this regard. As the industry evolves, and as the DSTV options grow, our skill set will grow and evolve with the industry.

TV and Aerial do DSTV installations and DSTV repairs for homes, offices, guest houses, hotels, bars. See some examples of the DSTV Business Package... 

The DSTV installation services that we offer include:

  • DSTV repairs
  • DSTV installations
  • DSTV tuning
  • DSTV decoders
  • DSTV upgrades
  • DSTV XtraView
  • DSTV High Definition (HD)
  • DSTV dish relocation
  • DSTV communal installations
  • DSTV HD pvr installation
  • OVHD Installations

For the most reliable and efficient DSTV installation Johannesburg has to offer, look no further than TV and Aerial. 

DSTV Installations

We are accredited DSTV installers for all packages. With years of experience doing DSTV installations in Johannesburg, Sandton and Midrand, we are qualified to provide you with efficient services. Installations include installing the satellite dish, linking and setting up of the decoders and syncing the decoders to remotes. 

A specialist DSTV installer is needed for satellite dish installation and correct installation of the equipment, which can save you time and money later. 


DSTV Communal Installations

We also do communal DSTV installations, no matter how many access points are required

DSTV decoders

DSTV Services

TV and Aerial do not do decoder repairs, but would like to provide you with information that could help.

What is the difference between the different decoders?

  • The different DSTV decoders include: 
  • DSTV Explora
  • HD PVR 2 Tuner
  • HD PVR 4 Tuner
  • Single View SD
  • SD PVR and Single View HD

DSTV Explora is not dual view 

DSTV decoders which are XtraView compatible include:

  • Single DSTV HD ad DSTV Explora
  • 4Tuners PVR ad SD PVR
  • 4 TUner PVR and 4 Tuner HD PVR
  • 4 Tuner PVR and HD PVR 2P/2U

How many decoders do you need for a multi room view:

Customers can connect 3 decoders using MultiChoice's XtraView service.

What new decoder software is available.

Recent upgrades in decoders include the Xtraview options, Explora, improved search functionality, improved subtitles and improvement on the trick-modes (eg Instant replay, FF, RW).

The software has improved regarding time it takes to delete reocrdings and being able to do "catchup" on the recordings. 

For upgrades on satellite dishes, installation of new dishes, moving a satellite dish, please contact us.


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