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Wifi Installation Services for DSTV 

Fight bad internet connectivity with Wifi Installation in your home or business. Having a bad internet signal is frustrating and stressful. Not being able to get to that document that you desperately need. Not being able to reply to that urgent email, or getting dropped from a bank connection, are unnecessary frustrations in this day and age. TV and Aerial Johannesburg supplies WiFi installation can prevent dropping of emails, losing valuable content as you are saving and losing bank connectivity. Wifi hotspots can easily be installed in your home or office, giving you peace of mind knowing that you are always connected.

Wifi installation for DSTV in Johannesburg, Midrand and Centurion for your home and office

Install WiFi to your home and office, providing you with effective WiFi hotspots. We install routers and boosters to your office or home, linking to your ADSL lines, making the desired area WiFi friendly. Our team ensures that all areas of your house and office, where you are experiencing bad signal, will receive reliable WiFi, making your life that much easier. 

Wifi Installation for DSTV for Schools, colleges and learning institutions

Wifi in schools, colleges and learning institution is becoming expected and making life a lot more convenient for the students, scholars and staff. Many schools are adding digital learning to the school program, online learning and research thus necessitating a constant and strong connection to your Wifi. With many areas in Johannesburg and Midrand not accessible to 3G connections, Wifi has proved an essential to homes and schools. Wifi points are set up in strategic areas of your home or school allowing for instant access to the internet. 

Schools in Johannesburg that are using this system are able to let the students browse for projects, staff can access their emails and information and accounts are so much easier because of the good connection. 

Wifi Installation for your Business DSTV

Wifi connection is almost the norm for businesses, whether in an office park or working from home. Having a wifi connection for your business means that you can work efficiently, do online transactions and be an efficient online advertiser without dropping the connection as soon as you are ready to transact. 

Businesses are moving to online connection, mobi friendly sites and online marketing at a rapid rate, making wifi connections to your home and business a necessity

For WiFi installation, at cost effective rates, Contact TV and Aerial Services Johannesburg 


Wifi Boosters for DSTV

Do you battle with adequate signal strength for your wifi? Boosters in strategic areas will boost the signal and enable you to access wifi in more complicated areas eg on different levels of the house of business.

Wifi Installation